VS-75 Skid Steer

We Don’t Believe in Downtime

With more operating weight, reach, tipping load and breakout force than the RS-75, the vertical lift VS-75 is perfect for loading, rental, construction, landscaping, and snow-removal applications.


Quick Specs



Loader Armsskid-steer-vertical
Operating Weight8740 lbs3964 kg
Rated Operating Capacity3500 lbs1587 kg
Engine Power74.2 hp55 kW


Impossible to Slow You Down

Created with the kind of technology you expect from ASV, this machine was born to be productive. It features industry-leading speed and ground clearance so you can get work done without worrying about running into stumps, rocks and other jobsite obstacles. The VS-75 is built to do a lot without slowing down at all.


The Most Productive Skid Steer in The Industry


The VS-75 gets up to 11 mph with an optional two-speed drive. The engine powering the machine is a 2.9-liter, 74-horsepower diesel engine that kicks out 192 foot-pounds of torque. The Tier 4 Final engine technology eliminates the need for regeneration, exhaust sensors and diesel exhaust fluid.


This reliable system is composed of large lines, hydraulic coolers and direct-drive pumps. With the optional high-flow auxiliary hydraulic system the engine won’t lose power when running attachments. As an additional option, the VS-75 delivers flow of 30.9 gallons per minute and a system pressure of 3,335 pounds per square inch. This machine comes with standard hydraulic stick controls and quick-attach for attachments.


Settle in and get after it on an adjustable contour vinyl seat with built-in operator presence switch, lap bar and 2 inch wide seat belt. A favorite among operators, the right-hand pilot hydraulic joystick controls loader lift, lower and tilt, plus intermittent control of auxiliary hydraulic. The smooth drive control features a left-hand pilot hydraulic joystick that controls machine speed and direction. And, if you need it, an all-weather, pressurized cab with heating and cooling is optional.


Every service item has a drain plug to speed up the draining process—that includes the chain cases, hydraulic tank, radiator and engine oil pan. To save you down time, the engine, filters and other daily check points can be accessed through a swing open access door. All of the pins have zerk fittings to make greasing easier and the drive hubs don’t require maintenance because of their standard metal-face seals.

VS-75 Specifications


Loader ArmsVertical
Operating Weight8740 lbs3964 kg
Rated Operating Capacity @ 50%3500 lbs1587 kg
Engine Power74.2 hp55 kW
Tipping Load7000 lbs3175 kg
Max. Travel Speed with 2 Speed11 mph17.7 kph
Height to Bucket Pin130 in.3302 mm
Dump Height at Bucket Discharge103 in.2616 mm
Dump Reach at Bucket Discharge36 in.914 mm
Maximum Dump Angle at Full Height39 Degrees39 Degrees
Rear Angle of Departure24 Degrees24 Degrees
Bucket Roll Back at Ground Level30 Degrees30 Degrees
Ground ClearanceUnloaded 10.5 in. / Loaded 10 in.Unloaded 267 mm / Loaded 254 mm
Overall Length with Bucket146 in.3708 mm


FeaturesDiesel 4-cylinder, Turbocharged Deutz TD2.9L4, Mechanically-Driven Fan and Coolant, Anti-Freeze Filled Radiator Cooling System, Dual Stage Intake Air Cleaner, Block Heater
Meet All Emission Standards for MarketsUSA and Canada
Engine Power74.2 hp55 kW
Displacement177 in.32.9 L
Gross Horsepower74.2 hp55 kW
Torque Peak192 lb-ft260 Nm

Drive Train

FeaturesHydrostatic Drive System, Bow Tie Drive System Chain Case
Chain Size100 ANSI100 ANSI
Wheel Size12 x 16.5304.8 x 419.1 mm
Outside Tire Width72 in1828.8 mm
Tractive Effort8800 lbs3991.6 kg
Wheel Base49 in1244.6 mm

Auxiliary Hydraulic

FeaturesPilot Hydraulic Joystick Control, Attachment Control Kit
Maximum System Pressure3335 psi230 bar
Flat Faced Couplers5/8 inch15.875 mm
Auxiliary Pump Capacity26 gpm98.4 lpm

Electrical System

FeaturesUpgradeable Wiring Harness
Normal Charge12 V12 V
Battery800 CCA800 CCA
Alternator Charging System95 Amp95 Amp
Port Outlet (Inside Operators Cab)1 - 12 V1 - 12 V

Operator Station

FeaturesOpen ROPS, Suspension Seat w/ 2
Loader ControlRight-hand pilot hydraulic joystick controls loader lift/tilt, with variable control of aux hyd
Drive ControlLeft-hand pilot hydraulic joystick controls machine speed and direction
Multifunctional DisplayFuel, Tachometer, Engine Temperature, Engine Hours, Battery, Two Speed, Hydraulic Temperature, Water Temperature, Engine Oil Pressure, Engine Hours, Trip Hours, and Multiple Languages
ROPS/FOPSMeets ISO 3471, ISO 6683, ISO 3449
Illumination2 Forward Facing Lights, 2 Rear Facing Lights

Service Capacity

Fuel Tank28 gal106 L
Hydraulic Tank10 gal37.9 L
Engine Coolant5 gal18.9 L
Engine Oil (Including Filter)9 quarts8.5 L



  1. 146 in.3708 mm
  2. 130 in.3302 mm
  3. 84 in.2134 mm
  4. 72 in.1829 mm
  5. 10.5 in.267 mm

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