VT-70 Performance

VT-70 Brings Big Performance to Turkey Farmer

Since the VT-70 Posi-Track loader launched, the machine has gained recognition as an industry-leader in serviceability, capacity, and speed. For Paul Strand, Owner of Strand Turkey Farm in Kenyon, MN, those are three key pieces that help his productivity.

Access to the engine compartment is Strand’s favorite part about the VT-70. On his farm, they lay wood shavings for litter in the turkey barn and clear them out regularly. His biggest problem is that the wood shavings are dry and very dusty, requiring him to change the air filter and blow dust out of the engine and radiator often. Having easy access to these components on the VT-70 saves him time throughout the process.

“It’s a harsh environment,” Strand said. “A lot of times we can’t even see each other.”

Strand also enjoys the VT-70’s speed and capacity. The speed allows him to quickly travel between each of his barns, as well clear wood shavings faster within each barn. To clear a barn, the VT-70 operator starts in the middle of the barn and pushes the load over 300 feet. After piling the load, the 2-speed feature is used in reverse.

“On other models, the top speed in high was the same as ASV in low,” Strand said. “You also couldn’t change the speed while moving like with ASV. You had to stop. We’re getting more done with the VT-70.”

In addition to these benefits, Strand also like the smooth ride, ability to travel across snow, digital temperature read outs, and lift height.

“It’s a great all-around machine,” Strand said. “We use it for virtually everything.”

Key Highlights

Serviceability: “My favorite part about the VT-70 is the access to the engine compartment. The door system is hands down the best. When we place wood shavings in our barn, the biggest problem is they’re very dusty. The VT-70 makes it easy to blow dust out of the engine and radiator and change the air filter.”

Speed: “In our barns we’re pushing material 350 ft, so 2-Speed is wonderful. We can push a large load in low gear. Then when going in reverse, you click the button and go into high, going backward at 11 mph. Then we go back to low and start over again.”

Traction: “We use the machine for picking rock on the farm in our corn and soybean fields. It will go just about anywhere even if the ground isn’t dry. When the snow is gone and the water is gone, we can go and get something done. That machine also rides well on the uneven ground.”


VT-70 Brings Big Performance to Turkey Farmer