ASV Introduces 2-Year, 2,000-Hour Loader Warranty, Plus Industry’s First No-Derailment Guarantee

2-Year, 2,000-Hour Loader Warranty,

ASV Holdings Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of all-purpose and all-season compact track loaders and skid steers, backs up the quality of its equipment with a new 2-year,2,000-hour warranty for its Posi-Track® and skid-steer loaders. The comprehensive warranty covers compact track loader tracks for the entire warranty period, giving customers peace of mind that they’ve chosen the most reliable option. In addition, the warranty goes a step further to feature the industry’s first and only compact track loader no-derailment guarantee.

“We’re introducing this aggressive new warranty because we have an exceptionally high level of confidence in the reliability of our field-proven loader design,” said Justin Rupar, ASV Holdings Inc. vice president of sales and marketing. “Our tracks last longer than anyone else’s, which is why this warranty does what others don’t and covers tracks for the full warranty period. Plus, we’ve always said our tracks don’t derail, but we’re going a step further and guaranteeing it on paper.”

The upgraded warranty is made possible by ASV’s dedication to building reliable equipment that lasts. ASV builds its loaders with a robust hydraulic system featuring direct drive pumps, large line sizes, and industry-leading hydraulic coolers that keep the machine running at optimal temperatures, resulting in longer component life. The highly-efficient systems allow machines to handle 100% load 100% of the time in temperatures up to 118 F. ASV includes metal-face seals on its Posi-Track loaders to ensure the idler wheel hubs don’t require maintenance for the life of the machine.

ASV’s advanced Posi-Track loader design features a number of qualities to extend track life and reliability of ASV machines, and virtually eliminate the risk of derailment. The tracks last longer in part thanks to the all-rubber components of the undercarriage. ASV manufactures the flexible rubber track with high-strength embedded polycord that allows the track to stretch around material that finds its way into the undercarriage. To provide customers with the highest level of quality, ASV manufactures the rubber track specifically to minimize weak points that can result from traditional processes. An internal positive drive sprocket joins with rubber lugs to move the track, improving longevity by reducing friction compared to steel on steel designs. Plus, bogie wheels are lined with rubber to further boost track life. Compared to traditional steel-embedded tracks, ASV’s rubber tracks can provide up to 1,000 hours of additional service life.

ASV is confident in its compact track loader no-derailment guarantee thanks to the tracks’ optimal ground contact, low psi and large number of guide lugs. The rubber tracks conform around objects, maximizing ground contact and improving traction. Posi-Track loaders feature as many as four times more ground contact points in their undercarriages than competitive steel-embedded models. This spreads the unit’s weight evenly for lower psi, meaning more flotation and traction. In addition, unlike traditional track loaders that include guide lugs only on the inner edge of bogie wheels, ASV includes them on the outer edge. This helps better guide the wheels and allows operators to work on side slopes and uneven terrain without fear of derailment.

“Today’s ASV Posi-Track loaders don’t derail. They just don’t,” said Buck Storlie, ASV Holdings Inc. product line manager. “I spent seven years overseeing our rigorous test track and not a single ASV machine derailed over 10,000 hours of testing.”

The no-derailment guarantee includes travel and mileage rates offered if ASV tracks do derail.

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