VT-70 Compact Track Loader

Built to Reach New Heights

The VT-70 is ASV’s only compact track loader with special vertical lift loader linkage, making it your best option for any application where you need extended lift or reach.


Quick Specs



Loader Armscompact-track-vertical
Operating Weight8060 lbs3656 kg
Rated Operating Capacity2328 lbs1056 kg
Ground Pressure4.6 psi31.7 kPa
Engine Power65 hp46.6 kW

Empowering Better Work

Although the VT-70 looks similar to the other ASV compact track loaders, it’s vertical-lift capabilities and 10.5-foot lift height make this machine the best choice for lift-and-carry tasks—especially in agriculture, construction, and excavation applications. Operators will experience a lift in productivity too. With the extended reach of the vertical lift, streamlining tasks like loading trucks and heavy digging are no big deal.


Smooth Ride, Max Performance


The ASV VT-70 is a mid-sized vertical lift compact track loader and features a Kubota 2.4-liter turbocharged diesel engine. The 65-horsepower engine produces 146 foot-pounds of torque and the planetary drive motors transfer it to our patented internal-drive sprockets. Internal rollers prevent friction loss in the undercarriage, and since the undercarriage is separate from the chassis, you get greater push power and traction regardless of drive speed.


The VT-70 is a powerful machine that comes with two speeds that can be changed while in motion, in either forward or reverse. Its large line sizes, hydraulic coolers and direct-drive pumps enable operators to run a variety of attachments more efficiently than what’s possible on belt-driven pumps on competitor’s higher-horsepower machines. Where the VT-70’s auxiliary hydraulic system optimizes power flow, other competing units can lose as much as 30 percent horsepower doing the same tasks.


We loaded the VT-70 with operator comfort features. The sealed, pressurized cabin comes standard with air conditioning and heat, an AM/FM radio, and more. Ride control helps limit material loss while carrying and improves operator comfort.The VT-70 is also equipped with a self-leveling system and stabilizing attachments to a set position while lifting.


Because your time is valuable, we built the VT-70 with serviceability in mind. And this machine isn’t just serviceable, it boasts best in class serviceability to save you time and money on a weekly basis. It’s built with a three-panel hood arrangement that has two fold down side doors and a swing out radiator so you get easy access to your daily service points including the air filter, battery, and oil filter.

VT-70 Specifications


Loader ArmsVertical
Operating Weight8060 lbs3656 kg
Rated Operating Capacity @ 35%2328 lbs1056 kg
Rated Operating Capacity @ 50%3325 lbs1508 kg
Ground Pressure4.6 psi31.7 kPa
Engine Power65 hp46.6 kW
Tipping Load6650 lbs3016 kg
Max. Travel Speed11 mph17.7 kph
Height to Bucket Pin126.5 in.3213 mm
Dump Height at Bucket Discharge91.7 in.2329 mm
Rear Angle of Departure37 Degrees37 Degrees
Bucket Roll Back at Ground Level20 Degrees20 Degrees
Ground Clearance13 in.330 mm
Overall Length with Bucket141.5 in.3594 mm


FeaturesDiesel 4-cylinder, Turbo Charged, After Cooled Kubota V2403-CR-TIE4, Hydraulically Driven Fan, Anti-Freeze Filled Radiator Cooling System, Dual Stage Intake Air Cleaner, Engine Block Heater
Emissions ControlsMeets All U.S EPA Tier 4 Final Standards
Engine Power65 hp46.6 kW
Displacement148.5 in3.2.4 L3
Gross Horsepower65 hp48.6 kW
Torque Peak146 ft-lb198.5 Nm

Drive Train

FeaturesDual Hydraulic Drive Motors, 2 Independent Torsion Axle Suspension
Track Width15 in381 mm
Length of Track on the Ground59 in1499 mm
Ground Contact Area1770 in.21.14 m2
Roller Wheels24 High Density Polyurethane24 High Density Polyurethane
Front Roller Wheel14 in355.6 mm
Mid-Roller10 in254 mm

Auxiliary Hydraulic

FeaturesPilot Hydraulic Joystick Control, Work Port Relief, Manual Quick Attach
Maximum System Pressure3300 psi22753 kPa
Flat Faced Couplers5/8 in.15.875 mm
Auxiliary Pump Flow23 gpm87.1 lpm
Auxiliary Pump Flow Option28.4 gpm107.5 lpm

Electrical System

FeaturesUpgradeable Wiring Harness, Attachment Control Kit
Normal Charge12 V12 V
Battery800 CCA800 CCA
Alternator Charging System90 Amp90 Amp
Port Outlet (Inside Operators Cab)1 - 12 V1 - 12 V

Operator Station

FeaturesROPS, Suspension Seat w/ 2
Leader ControlRight-hand pilot hydraulic joystick controls loader lift/tilt, with variable control of auxiliary hydraulics
Drive ControlLeft-hand pilot hydraulic joystick controls machine speed and direction
Multifunction DisplayFuel, Tachometer, Engine Temperature, Hour Meter, Battery, Trip Meter, Hydraulic Temperature, Water Temperature, Multiple Languages
ROPS/FOPSMeets ISO 3471: 1994, ISO 6683:2005, ISO 3449:1992 Level 1
Illumination2 Forward Facing Lights, 2 Rear Facing Lights

Service Capacity

Fuel Capacity23.2 gal87.8 L
Hydraulic Tank3.3 gal12.5 L
Engine Coolant2.5 gal9.5 L
Engine Oil (Including Filter)9 quarts8.5 L



  1. 141.5 in.3594 mm
  2. 126.5 in.3213 mm
  3. 81.4 in.2068 mm
  4. 65.6 in.1666 mm
  5. 13 in.330 mm



We went head to head against our competition to show you the ASV advantage. Watch the video, then stop by a dealership to experience an ASV in person.