Yanmar CE Group Business Analyst – Telematics

Yanmar Group has a central Telematics organization, serving all Business Units with hardware, software and data. While there is an overall Group strategy for Telematics it is expected that each business unit will adapt this strategy to match the needs of their customers, channel partners and internal teams.

This role of “CE Digital Business Analyst – Telematics” will be the representative of the Construction Equipment Business Unit within this Yanmar Group Telematics Organization. This remote highly diverse role will have primary responsible for managing the development and execution of the Construction Equipment telematics strategy, coordinating with the Aftermarket teams in each region (JPN, EMEA & NA) to ensure it is meeting the needs of their customers and markets.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Understand and stay current with the Yanmar Group Telematics Strategy
  • Define CE specific Telematics Strategy as a subset of the Group strategy. This should answer to all key regions (JPN, EMEA, NA) and product lines
  • On a regular basis conduct or support regional teams to conduct appropriate research – customer, channel partner, internal stakeholder interviews, etc. to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by the various stakeholders
  • Assess the results and identify those needs that can be delivered via telematics
  • Maintain the holistic CE Telematics business needs, ensuring correct prioritization and a clear mapping to measurable business value
  • Communicate and align both key requirements and strategy with stakeholders making sure all are aware of any changes to the Yanmar Group Strategy
  • Share CE requirements within the Yanmar Group Telematics organization, ensuring they are correctly understood and prioritized within the experience and challenges they face
  • Drive all change management initiatives to make sure we are reimagining business processes, making the best use of the data and emerging technology.
  • Manage the testing of all new features, linking with technology groups as necessary to ensure they are delivered as expected
  • Pilot new features with customers, channel partners or internal teams, taking all feedback and passing back to the Yanmar Group Telematics team to be addressed
  • Work with regional teams to develop communication, training, operational support plans
  • Support the implementation of the feature to the stakeholder
  • Measure the effectiveness of all implemented features against the planned benefits, use the learnings for the next phases of strategy evolution or requirements definition
  • Be the voice of Telematics within the CE Organization, promoting the value, driving a common understanding of the opportunities
  • Understand product development strategy and be available to advise product development teams on useful features to be considered
  • Yanmar CE Business Analyst – Telematics

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